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Liquid Leak Sensor

RS-1000-2000 Series (PDF Catalog1.65MB)USB Data Logger

  • The unique effects of optical method enable reliable detection of small leaks and viscous liquids.
  • Relay contact Output signal makes it easy to construct the interlock function.
  • Recommend RS-1000C and RS-1000 to customers particularly in case that there are many detected points.


RS-3000 Series (PDF Catalog 775KB)MODEL TR-5i Series

  • Quick Detection for variety of liquid, even low viscosity without absorbent paper.
  • By the featured double sensing devices, incorrect position of the sensor is alarmed.
  • Body fabricated by PFA, which allows use with most liquids aqnd chemicals, and suitable for use in varied applications, partifularly chemical blend and dispenser.)

Controller (PDF Catalog 350KB)MODEL TR-5i Series

  • Optical-electric device to detect the liquid in transparent of semi- transparent tubings.
  • Free from contamination by contqact with the media liquid.




Applications: Liquid Leak Sensor ApplicationMODEL TR-5i Series
Click PDF link above for application information.

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