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TMZ9 Series - Thermo Spot Sensor TMZ9.pdf (PDF)TMZ9

Very Small and Lightweight, Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

*For middle/high temp. & Fiber less type, suitable for cost down than fiber type.

*For very small and lightweight, the setting is easy.

*Heat-resistant of sensor head is 70°C. (20°CUP - ratio of our products)

*Sensor unit has the linear output, so it is possible to input the data to some temperature controller directly.

*When the sensor unit uses only, it is possible to select the analog output or RS232C.

TMZ9-P250N20S3.2R-EPN 250-2000°C 200mm ø3.2mm LED(only) 0.8-1.6µmm InGaAs
A600N50S9R-EPN 600-2000°C 500mm ø9.0mm 0.8-1.0µmm Si

SPECIFICATIONS OF GENERAL TYPES (Special specs. can be accepted.)

TMZ9-P250N30S5R-EPN 250-2000°C 300mm ø5.0mm LED(standard) Laser is available. 0.8-1.6µm InGaAs
TMZ9-P250N50S9R-EPN 500mm ø9.0mm
TMZ9-P250N100S18R-EPN 1000mm ø18.0mm
TMZ9-A600N20S3.2R-EPN 600-2000°C 200mm ø3.2mm 0.8-1.0µm Si
TMZ9-A600N30S5R-EPN 300mm ø5.0mm
TMZ9-A600N100S18R-EPN 1000mm ø18.0mm

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