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AluSIK-99 ZA Type C 799 “TEH”


  • High dimensional tolerance
  • High heat resistance
  • Very high wear resistance
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • High degree of reliability and economy in service
  • Very high mechanical & refractory strength, very hard
Thermocouple Protection Sheath


AluSik –99 ZA are sintered alumina tubes with excellent temperature stability. They are popularly used as furnace tubes and protecting and insulating tubes for high temperature thermocouple assemblies. Because of their high purity and fine grain structure, AluSik – 99 ZA possess high wear resistance high strength, high thermal conductivity and insulating properties.

The Al2O3 content of AluSik –99 ZA is more that 99% making it perfectly suitable for use in Platinum/ Platinum Rhodium thermocouple as any presence of silicate would contaminate these thermocouples and reduce their service life.

AluSick 99 ZA tubes are available in a variety of sizes with one end closed as protection tubes or both ends open with 2-hole or 4-holes as insulating tubes.

  2-hole and 4-hole insulating tubes


Temperature stability up to 1800°C
AluSik – 99 ZA tubes exhibit stability at temperature as high as 1,800°C giving it advantage over metal or glass material. Application temperature also is influenced by the tube geometry, the diameter, the wall thickness and the method of installation i.e., horizontal or vertical.

High chemical resistance
AluSik – 99 ZA has excellent chemical resistivity and are corrosion resistant against most acids and alkaline. Also, the stability in neututral or reducing atmosphere is excellent.

High electrical insulation
Due to its very high electrical insulation properties, AluSik –99 ZA is ideal as thermocouple wire insulating tubes and thermocouple protection tubes even in electrically heated furnaces.

Mechanical wear resistance
Due to high mechanical wear resistance AluSik-99 ZA tubes exhibitslong term stability even when subjected to abrasive environment.

Dimensional flexibility
Various standard sizes are available from 0.5 mm through 300 mm in diameter. Tubes with non-standard sizes can be offered in accordance with customer’s specifications and dimensions.

Chem./Phys. Composition Sintered alumina
Type according to DIN VDE 0335 C 799
Chem. Composition Al2O3

99.7 %



Type of body  Impervious
Bulk density

3.8 g/cm3

Open porosity 0 %
Limit of application


Thermal expansion 20-1000°C

8 x 10-6K-1

Thermal conductivity 20-100°C

25 W/mK

Flexural strength unglazed min.

300 N mm-2

Mean coefficient of linear expansion 30~100°C

5~7 10-6 K-1

Mean coefficient of linear expansion 30~600°C  

7~8 10-6 K-1

Temp. for volume resistivity 1 MW cm  (min.)  


Thermal shock resistance


Spec. electric resistance at RT




Maximum production length for tubes 3000 mm

Tolerance For Protection Tubes as per DIN 43723

VDE 0335 Type Outer - f (d1) Inner - f(d2)


C 799

10 6

270, 375, 530, 740,1030, 1430, 2030

15 10
24 18

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CarSik-70 ZA CarSik-90ZA
Nitride bounded Silicon Carbide Porous, (70% SiC, 24% Si3N4). Features high strength up to temperature of 1,450°C Dense, Silicon Carbide with good mechanical properties, at high temperatures of up to 1,700°C

Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Order No.


R 208 8 x 5
R 211 12 x 8
R 212 15 x 10
R 214 20 x 15
R 215 24 x 18

Multi-Bore Insulating Tubes (Round)
Bore O.D. (mm) Bore Dia. (mm)
2 4.8 1.4
4 3.0 0.8
4 3.5 1.0
4 5.5 1.2
4 8.5 1.5
6 4.9 0.75
7 4.9 1.8

Two Bore Insulating Tubes (Oval)
O.D. (mm) I.D. (mm) Bore Dia. (mm)
2.5 1.5 0.7
4.2 2.1 0.85
4.3 1.4 0.7
4.5 3.1 1.7
2.95 2.0 0.6
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Home > Products > Temperature Sensors, Instruments and Components top> Temperature Sensor components