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  • Interface
    The link to the PC is by USB or RS-232C.
  • Number of inputs
    6ch model (capable of storing 60,000 measurements) or
    12ch model (capable of storing 120,000 measurements)
  • Input type
    A multi-function temperature / voltage model is also available for simultaneous recording of temperature and voltage.
  • Interval
    The high-speed model is capable of measuring at 100ms intervals.
    *Except remote measurement.
6ch model
Model AM-8000K
12ch model
Model AM-8060K


Model AM-8000 series thermometers are compact handheld units that store measurement data in memory.
Data held in memory can then be transferred to a PC via dedicated software for later analysis or other use.

Sensing element Single RTD, 1 Pt 100 at 0°C or 1 Pt 1000 at 0°C as per IEC 751 class B or class A* (* class A available only for Pt 100 probes with 4-wire circuit)

Type of construction Sensor and extension cable molded together as one hot vulcanized unit
Temperature range -50 ~ 105°C
Cable data 2 or 4 stranded copper wires 0.35 mm2 (22 AWG), each conductor polypropylene insulated, overall thermoplastic elastomer insulation, outer diameter - 3.5mm
Insulation resistance 100Mwith 100 Vd.c.
stainless steel case
SS 316 case (50 mm length X 6mm OD or 100mm length X 6mm OD) is available for protection of the sensor tip
Markings Markings of accuracy report, manufacturing
date and tractability (available only for probes with SS case)


Model Interface Number of inputs Input type Interval
Type K Type E USB RS-232C 6ch. 12ch. Temp. V Normal High speed
AM-8000K AM-8000E
AM-8001K AM-8001E
AM-8050K AM-8050E
AM-8051K AM-8051E
AM-8010K AM-8010E
AM-8011K AM-8011E
AM-8060K AM-8060E
AM-8061K AM-8061E
AM-8100K AM-8100E
AM-8101K AM-8101E
AM-8150K AM-8150E
AM-8151K AM-8151E
AM-8110K AM-8110E
AM-8111K AM-8111E
AM-8160K AM-8160E
AM-8161K AM-8161E

Heat-resistant box TB-6002
Heat-resistant box for 6ch model
  • Application limit : 300°C / 20min
  • External dimensions :
    220 (W)×175 (H)×315 (D) mm
    (not including protrusions)
  • Weight : 9kg
Waterproot box for 6ch model
  • Application limit : 100°C / 60min
  • External dimensions : 170 (W)×135 (H)×405 (D) mm (not including protrusions)
  • Weight : 8kg

*The above products are sold separately.Please contact us for more information.

Software for AM series Software specifications

The software enables use of data on a PC.

  • Graph production
  • Formatted document output
  • csv file output
Compatible OSs
  • Windows 98SE / Me / NT4.0 (SP3 or more) / 2000 / XP

*For English OS only
*Software is sold separately.

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