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Product outline:

Model SHTDL4-TC4 is micro-miniature light weight 4-channel thermocouple logger. Its size is 2.72 x 1.5 x 1.16 cms. Its PCB weighs only 4 grams. It can simultaneously records temperature data from four thermocouples with high accuracy and record the data on its internal memory. Recorded data can be communicate to PC through mini USB port in csv format.

The logger can be installed in small slots or limited spaces in high speed rotating machines or moving objects for applications otherwise difficult by contact type temperature measuring methods.

miniatureDataLogger SHTDL4-TC4
Image of Application Display
Image of Application Display


  • Thermocouple voltage output is digitized directly using a 2μV analog-digital converter
  • Accuracy is improved through point zero compensation using digital circuit.
  • High speed scanning at 0.5 sec of all four channels is done simultaneously
  • Up to 120,000 points of temperature data recording. In addition, real-time temperature monitoring is possible while the data-logger is connected to PC.
  • The logger can with stand ambient temperature of up to 150°C (using insulation material etc.)


Product 4-channel temperature logger
Sensor Type K, J, T, E, R or S thermocouple
Measuring range -200°C ~ 1700°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C (at 25°C)
Memory capacity 64Kbit Flash memory
1ch: 120,000 points,
2ch: 60,000 points, 3ch: 40,000 points, 4ch: 30,000 points
Measurement interval 0.5 ~ 100sec (adjustable through PC)
Communication to PC Through USB port
Built-in clock Quartz clock (Year/Month/Day/Hour/Min/Sec)
Main body demention 27.2mm(L) × 15.2mm(W) × 11.6mm(H)
Weight 25 grams (including main body and 4 miniature female connectors)
Ambient temperature -10~+105°C
Power 3V DC

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