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We have developed a natural-light LED with the light quality of the fresh morning sun. This LED is used as the light source in the Diamond Light. Natural light contains many colors as evidenced by the seven colors of a rainbow. Lighting designers at CCS modeled the natural-light LED after sunlight for its rich spectral content, so that you can enjoy the brilliance of diamonds, especially dispersion.



Our natural-light LED achieves superior color reproduction and has high color rendering indices for all of the 14 colors used to evaluate light sources.

*A color rendering index is used to evaluate the ability to render each of 14 colors against a standard value of 100.
*The average color rendering index, Ra, is the average of the values for R1 to R8. The special color rendering index, Ri, is an evaluation index for each of the 14 test colors (test color number, i = 1 to 14).

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The average color rendering index, Ra, of the natural-light LED is 98 out of 100, the highest in the industry.
It faithfully reproduces the true colors of diamonds, as seen under natural sunlight.

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